8 Most Useful PHP Libraries for Web Developers To Streamline Their Development Work

The objective of the Standard PHP Library-or SPL, in brief-is to deliver a standard library of interfaces which lets developers to take full benefit of OOP (object-oriented programming) in PHP 5. Hence in this article we have composed 8 of the best PHP Libraries which will help and benefit developers to streamline their work and aid their development jobs.

PHP, being the most widespread scripting language, has loads of credentials, tutorials and resources about itself.

And, as a feature-rich language, it is probable to achieve many responsibilities by default from handling e-mails to images, PDFs to database acquaintances, etc.

Nevertheless, there are high-quality and free PHP libraries which aids you get more like:

  • Better image or database handling
  • Form validation
  • Good looking charts
  • Parsing feeds

and more.


1. PhpFastCache

phpFastCache is an open source PHP caching library that comes as a single-file and can be incorporated so rapidly. It has provision for numerous caching techniques (apc, memcache, memcached, wincache, files, pdo and mpdo), the period of caching can be demarcated and has a very streamlined API.

Whoops : Library for Better PHP Error Reporting

2. Whoops

Whoops is a PHP library for taking care of bugs and fixing them much effortlessly. The library offers stack-based error management with a good-looking error interface. It has a modest API for dealing with omissions; trace frames + their data and can incorporate with any framework.

Php Error

3. Php Error

PHP Error is an open source PHP library for transforming the usual PHP inaccuracy messages -that are typically confronted through the development procedure- into better ones. It incorporates compactly into any PHP environment (functions on all cases, only in development atmosphere, only in certain projects, etc.) and shows the inaccuracies with syntax underlining.

Eden : A Feature Rich PHP Library

4. Eden

Eden is an open source and free PHP library for building quick.ly It comprises lots of modules for cloud technologies, databases, file systems, web services, , event driven, payment gateways, caching, templating, shipping and auto-loading.


5. Detector

Detector is an open source PHP library for identifying several things about the browsing atmosphere of a user. It can get the browser used and browser’s HTML5-CSS3 competences, examine whether it is mobile, tablet, desktop or a spider and other things like colour depth, viewport sizes, cookie upkeep, etc.


6. Opauth

Opauth is an open source PHP library that eliminates the discrepancies among sources and provides a consistent technique for dealing with them. Presently, 3 sources are almost plug ‘n’ play: Google, Twitter + Facebook and there are more to come. Similarly, there is provision for trading with any other Opauth supplier.

Php Thumb

7. Php Thumb

phpThumb is a PHP library that manages all the hard work on building thumbnails with only limited lines of code. It consents any source varieties for pictures (from the file-system, URL or database) and all prevalent image layouts. Images can be revolved, picked, watermarked, their superiority can be demarcated and there is even a built-in storing to diminish the server load.


8. pChart

pChart is a PHP class leaning framework intended to make aliased charts. Most of today’s chart libraries have a price; pChart is projected to be free. Data can be saved from SQL inquiries, CSV files, or physically delivered. Emphasis has been put on interpretation excellence presenting an aliasing algorithm to draw eye candy visuals.

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