8 Best Code Syntax Highlighters For Developers To Beautify Their Code

Die-hard Code Nerds and Developers are well mindful that Syntax Highlighters are a form of subordinate notation, which enables the writing up of code within an organized language or a markup language. Numerous Code Highlighting editors incorporate syntax highlighting which are packed with other features, such as spell checking or code folding, as helps to removal that are outdoor to the language. Using a Syntax highlighter can help as a general planned technique by which to advance the readability and context of the text; particularly for code which can end up covering numerous pages; as well as empower Developers to discover inaccuracies inside their program.

Whether you are and eager CodeGeekz suppressed on the front-end or you merely need to swindle about with the code, the subsequent Syntax Highlighters will permit you to show your code within a ‘prettified’ manner. Most Syntax Highlighters are now crowded with an indefinite amount of selections, extensions and additions to work with extra programs and stages; though we want to provide you our Top 8 Code Syntax Highlighters which will speed up your work flow and beautify your code!


1. Prism

Prism is lightweight (1.5KB minified & gzipped), can be incorporated so effortlessly (just supplement a CSS and JS file) and functions quickly. It is before now used to prettify loads of code in Dabblet (a communicating CSS playground) so it’s appealing steady. New languages can be added and the functionality can be enhanced with the plug-in structural design and the look-feel can be entirely shaped through CSS.


2. Rainbow

Rainbow is a new lightweight only 1.4kb transcribed in JavaScript. It is only requires to use the JS component for the language to be highlighted for protection things minor. Also, the colors and fonts used can be totally personalized with CSS theming provision.


3. snippet

Snippet is a jQuery plugin that is constructed on top of the SHJS script for emphasizing source codes in HTML documents. It provisions several scripting languages from JavaScript to PHP to SQL to Ruby. There are 35+ integral and exclusive color patterns that you can switch in among vigorously.


6. highlight

Highlight.js is very simple to use as it works spontaneously: discovers blocks of code, identifies a language, and highlights it. It has provision for 3rd party apps and offers a Firefox extension for inspecting code that does not have syntax emphasizing.

SHJS : Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript


SHJS is a JavaScript package which highlights source code channels in HTML forms. Documents using SHJS are highlighted on the customer side by the web browser. SHJS practices language classifications from GNU Source-highlight.

Quick Highlighter

6. quick-highlighter

This online highlighter tool provides several coding languages you can select to highlight unruffled with numerous selections, you can check/uncheck beforehand highlighting code, Syndicate Stylishness and HTML Code, Highlight integral keywords, data types etc., Strict Mode, and Wrap spilling over text.

Pygments : Python Syntax Highlighter

7. Pygments

It is a syntax highlighter that is made using Python. Pygments provisions an extensive variety of languages, numerous production setups & it is operational as a command-line tool or as a collection.

Google Code Prettify

8. google-code-prettify

This is the script which is being used by the Google Code website. The script identifies the language used and highlights the code consequently. It is also customizable through CSS.

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