8 Best and New PHP Tools For Web Developers

If you are a PHP developer or graphic web designer you must be attentive and distinguish about the straightforward tools one needs by which to accomplish definite web interrelated responsibilities. Though, most skilled web designers and developers frequently guise for the fresh tools which they can utilize to make their workflow and web associated jobs stress-free, quicker, and superior.

In this post, we are presenting some of the best PHP Tools and Applications to help you inside your work associated responsibilities. We hope you will discover them co-operative in your PHP and development associated tasks.

1. phpFastCache

1. phpFastCache

phpFastCache is an open source PHP caching library that comes as a single-file and can be incorporated so rapidly. It has provision for several caching ways (memcached, apc, wincache, memcache files, mpdo and pdo), the time of caching can be well-defined and has a very streamlined API.

2. ICEcoder : PHP Powered & Open Source Web IDE

2. ICEcoder  PHP Powered & Open Source Web IDE

ICEcoder is an open source and web-based IDE that is constructed with PHP and functions quickly. It works by only releasing its app folder to someplace we desire and any files there (and within subfolders) are set to be modified.

3. Whoops : Library for PHP Error Reporting

3. Whoops  Library for PHP Error Reporting

Whoops is a PHP library for managing inaccuracies and repairing them much effortlessly. The library offers stack-based inaccuracy management with a stunning bug interface. It has a modest API for allocating with exclusions; hint frames + their data and can incorporate with any framework (ready-to-use additions exist for close and Silex).

4. PHP Error

4. PHP Error

PHP Error is an open source PHP library for transforming the typical PHP inaccuracy messages -that are frequently confronted throughout the development procedure- into improved ones. It incorporates strongly into any PHP setting (works on all cases, only in development background, only in certain projects, etc.) and shows the inaccuracies with syntax emphasizing.


5. phpFreeChat

phpFreeChat is a unrestricted and open source PHP chat app that does not need any database to work but rather utilizes the filesystem for it. It can be utilized at the similar time by any number of users, has a responsive design that operates in mobile too and has a integrated validation system which can be incorporated into any application.

6. PHP Mobile Detect

6. PHP Mobile Detect

PHP Mobile Detect is a lightweight PHP class for identifying mobile devices, comprising smartphones & tablets. It identifies a mobile atmosphere using the User-Agent string along with particular HTTP headers.

7. Faker

7. Faker

Faker produces bogus data for you consuming PHP. It makes it stress-free to crowd a database, generate stunning XML docs, anonymize data from a construction service, or hassle check an app. You can download it from GitHub or set up with the help of the Composer.

8. Unirest : HTTP Libraries in Multiple Languages

8. Unirest

Unirest is a set of lightweight, streamlined HTTP libraries in Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP and Java Each one is completely recognized and manages a diversity of functions.

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