5 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives

Each time the term ‘cloud storage’ happens in our considerations we wind up partner it with Dropbox. That much is the popularity Dropbox earned through its dependable services in a compass of five years. Each triumph has rivalry and Dropbox is no special case. Roused by Dropbox, numerous other known firms have started cloud storage services at standard and superior to Dropbox. In this article, we will investigate such Dropbox alternatives.

Assuming that the sum of this sounds gullible to you, you presumably are not familiar with Dropbox or cloud storage. I recommend you first get to realize what Dropbox is, before perusing further. In this post I have gathered 5 best alternatives of Dropbox that are completely worth an attempt.


Box is acknowledged to be the best alternative to Dropbox without a doubt. Started a few prior years Dropbox, Box has got great client base to which it serves through three sorts of records – Enterprise account, Business record and individual record. The service is freemium styled with the free record offering 5 GB free storage. The other two paid records accompany particular higher closure characteristics like upgraded transfer speed, secret key ensured offering, client service, Google applications coordination and a lot of people more.


Teamdriver likewise accompanies three records sorts – Free , Personal and Professional. The free form gives a free storage of 2gb which might be developed further upto 10 GB through referrals. The characteristic that emerges in Teamdrive is its security calculation. Teamdriver conveys AES-256 calculation encryption for securing our information. Also, you can likewise pick between the default Teamdrive cloud or the own Teamdrive server. Due to its inalienable security characteristic, Teamdrive is a perfect decision for ventures.


Skydrive is a generally new consideration in Microsoft’s enormously insulted Live services. Be that as it may with Skydrive Live got a real facelift. The super-star characteristic of Skydrive that makes it attempt capable is the baiting 7 GB cloud storage space that accompanies the free record. This thumps off the rivalry to a vast degree, letting Skydrive make one of the best Dropbox alternatives. Actually, Skydrive does not synchronize record and envelopes over LAN. An alternate significant characteristic is that the indexes saved in Skydrive might be entered and chipped away at collectively with a group straightforwardly online through Office Web Apps.

Google Drive

The best part about Google Drive is that it is totally incorporated with Google Docs. Thusly, commonly, Google Drive looks virtually like Google Docs. Separated from the local Google Docs, there are numerous other unbiased gathering applications running from business applications to relaxation applications that might be reconciled with our Drive. On the more, Google Sync application permits synchronizing particular organizers not at all like most other Dropbox alternatives and Dropbox itself. Google Drive gives 5gb of free space which could be redesigned. Google Drives permits seeing around the range of 30 sorts of documents without needing to depend on distinctive index particular programming. An alternate extraordinary characteristic is that individuals seeing an index in the meantime can visit with one another right inside Google Drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Like most other cloud storage services, Amazon Cloud Drive furnishes 5gb free storage. The service is moved down the capable, super quick Amazon server (which controls Dropbox also). The best perspective about Amazon Cloud Drive is the whooping 2gb index size transfer help for a solitary document. To upgrade the security, Cloud Drive permits files/folders matchup between just 8 mechanisms. On the downside, Amazon does not permit imparting of the archived documents and organizers with open.
Taking a gander at the characteristics offered by such a large number of known brands, it doesn’t would appear that an awful thought to get our hands of some of them. Isn’t that right?

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